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Must-Watch: HBO’s New Documentary on Aging and Beauty

We just learned of a new HBO documentary coming out on July 30th and we’re curious what you think. The film, About Face: Supermodels Then and Now, interviews top models like Christie Brinkley, Jerry Hall, Isabella Rosselini, Beverly Johnson and more about their feelings on the evolution of the modeling industry, but also about their frank thoughts on aging and beauty. 

Just from watching the trailer, there are some pretty great soundbites that are getting us excited for the documentary’s debut in a couple weeks:

The whole age thing—in our industry, it’s everything. It isn’t that women want to stay young. It’s that the whole society makes us want to stay young.

When you get older, you build something else in your core which goes beyond the physical, because it has to. 

It gives us the impression that there will be honest discussion about the pressures women feel to stay “beautiful” as they get older—from women whose careers depended on it—along with wisdom about creating self-confidence even when you feel like there isn’t any to be had.

What do you think of the film and this trailer? Will you be watching this Friday?


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