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Packing List: Sweden

Next week, I’m heading off to Sweden for a ten-day vacation, and I’m super excited to explore the country for the first time. Aside from hitting up every H&M and Ikea in their native land (kidding), I plan on eating a year’s worth of gravlox and meatballs (not kidding). Since my boyfriend and I will be bouncing back and forth between Stockholm and other cities whose names I can’t yet pronounce, I need to pack light. With this in mind, I’ve whittled down my carry-on stash to the bare essentials that I’ll need to survive a Scandinavian summer. Check out the beauty products and travel gear that made the cut: 

1. Suki Nourishing Regimen. Even during the summer, the Swedish climate is dry and occasionally frigid, and I’m expecting my sensitive skin to freak out. Suki’s travel set is going to be my rescue kit. It has a creamy cleansing lotion, a balancing toner, a moisturizer, a cute little bottle of face oil, and even a vitamin C mask that I may or may not have time to use (but hey, it doesn’t hurt to have it on hand). What I love about the brand is that their products are made with natural, earth-crunchy ingredients yet still feel luxurious—the best of both worlds.

2. boscia B.B. Cream. If there’s one product that does it all, this is it. I love how B.B. cream gives me heavier coverage than a tinted moisturizer but goes on more sheer than a full-on foundation. And since the creamy beige tint takes the place of primer, serum, makeup, and SPF, I’ll have more room in my suitcase for back issues of Vogue (a must to get through a transatlantic flight).

3. TheBalm Stainiac in Beauty Queen. I got this two-in-one lip and cheek stain in my June Birchbox, and I’m bringing it on the road with me. I apply a layer to my lips, paint three warstripes onto each cheek, blend with my fingertips, and bam—a naturally flushed look that doesn’t require a daunting amount of effort. 

4. Cole Haan Kody Oxford. I’m wearing these flats right now, and they’re so comfy I wonder how I limped along without them for so long. They have flexible soles and don’t cut into my feet or cause blisters, which means I’ll be able to wander the streets of Stockholm without looking for a shoe store to buy an emergency pair of clogs.            

5. Eye Mask. Apparently the sun never fully sets in Sweden in summertime, so to catch some shut-eye I’m bringing a black eye mask from my local drugstore. After all, the last thing I want is to be even more sleep-deprived post-vacation.


P.S. If I had a slightly larger carry-on, I’d consider bringing Suki’s Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, which Editorial Director Mollie swears by for its skin-clarifying properties.

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