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Now You Can Get Plastic Surgery on Your Toes

How far would you go to fit into your heels? Photo: Zimbio

The next time you find yourself limping along in a pair of six-inch stilettos, consider your options: you can either trade them for comfy flats…or you can hop into your local podiatric surgeon’s office and ask for a toe reshaping. You read that right. Good Morning America reports that a small number of people (mostly women) are electing to get plastic surgery to narrow their “fat toes.” 

New York-based podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong is one of the specialists who currently performs the procedure, which shaves off fractional increments of fat and bone from the toes for a slimmed-down appearance. “When people first started asking, I said ‘What?,’” Zong told ABC. “We were mostly doing toe shortenings in the beginning.” According to Dr. Zong, the surgery—which is not covered by insurance—has been gaining popularity over the past few years.

Dr. Hillary Brenner, another NYC podiatric surgeon, adds that a number of women have even asked to have their pinky toes removed so they can fit into smaller shoes. Dr. Brenner has never said yes to these requests, however. 

"Why fix something that’s not broken?" she explained. 

While there are certain scenarios in which getting your toes reshaped might be a good idea—if you’re experiencing pain, for instance—I can’t really condone the idea of getting plastic surgery just so you can finally wear those size 5.5 Louboutin heels you got on sale from Bergdof Goodman. 

What do you think: are toe reshapings a passing fad or the next big trend in plastic surgery? 


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