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Glee + Sephora (Or: Where’s My Kurt Couture Nail Polish?)

I heart Glee. I heart the choreographed fist pumps, and the way they get seemingly incongruous celebs to show their gleeky side (hello Gwenyth). And the Glee phenomenon shows no sign of abating, with its songs consistently topping iTunes and plenty of tours and concerts in the works. Now they’re even targeting the beauty market, with a line of Glee-themed nail polishes that will be exclusive to Sephora. The shades take inspiration from the show, from Slushied (a reference to a high school hazing practice) to Mash-Up. That’s all well and good but couldn’t they have taken a bit more inspiration from some of our favorite characters? You know Kurt is a master with a Nail Art pen - that kid could draw the Sistine Chapel on his digits without breaking a sweat - and I’m sure Tina has some sort of goth-inspired French manicure that would be all the rage in NYC high schools.

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