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What’s In Your Bag?: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, Kalyca Romeo of, is one seriously talented lady. After graduating from the Fashion Institute for Technology eight years ago, New York-based fashion insider has worked as a buyer, a designer, and a particularly savvy personal stylist. We’re loving her tips on crafting the perfect date night outfit, rocking the latest white styles, and test-driving Fall/Winter makeup looks right now.

The Minihouse. The Baby. The Weight Trainer on the Shoulder. No matter what we call it or what size, shape, color or brand we choose, our handbag says a lot about who we are. So do the contents we lug around in them, which is why I asked a handful of friends to open their bags and show us the goodies they can’t leave home without.

Kalyca Romeo: Founder and Fashion Editor of

My makeup, my iPhone charger, sunglasses, and wallet are all essentials that belong in a case That way it’s easier to switch between the two handbags I use during the week without leaving one of my must-haves behind. New York City is my office, so travel size products lighten the load I carry everyday.

Jun Lee: Art Curator for Ogilvy & Mather

As long as I’ve known Jun, she’s carried a good-size handbag, so I’ve always assumed they were filled with art-related books or magazines, and a small arsenal of makeup products. Jun proved that you shouldn’t judge a bag owner by it’s cover. One day, I noticed how little she actually carries, and when I pointed it out, her response was “the iPad has everything I need!” There you have it folks, technology helps us avoid shoulder problems.

Ana Triana Founder of ANA3ANA Social
Ana, a Miami raised Cuban who now lives in New York City, gives us her sass and smarts through her newly founded consulting firm. She loves wearing black, white and grey. On special occasions she inserts rich, bright colors in her style in the form of makeup and accessories—which can often be seen spilling from her bag.

Agne Skripkinaite: Editor-in-Chief of FMAG.LT

Agne, who resides in Copenhagen, Denmark, placed her contents ever so neatly for us to “ooh” at in admiration. It’s not just because she carries tons of covetable Chanel products on a daily basis, or that all the pink contents in her bag compliment each other, but because we’re left wondering “how do we get our own handbag goodies set neatly at attention like hers?” And, is that a headpiece? Love it.

Lauren Ruicci: Founder and Designer of Laruicci Jewelry

The bag that got me most excited—hands down—was Lauren Laruicci’s. Her YSL bag was filled with tons of beauty and makeup goodies from her travels to Europe, as well as pieces from her jewelry collections to satisfy her silver jewelry obsession. If this is the way Lauren travels, airport security will have to decide if they should hold her or help themselves to what’s inside her golden bag.

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