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The Great Grow-Off: Week 1

Welcome to week one of the Great RevitaLash/Chia Pet Grow-Off, in which we pit a lab-approved lash growth formula against an adorable ceramic hippo covered in seeds. Let’s check in on both contestants:


Time elapsed: Two weeks. We’ve been using RevitaLash for the past two weeks. Since the formula reaches maximum growth in six to eight weeks, that puts solidly in the “We should be seeing results” time period. And we have!

Observations: There has been a definite difference in each of our lashes, which corresponds directly with our level of consistency in application. (Unsurprisingly, Katia and Alta are the most diligent, while Hayley and I are the absent-minded users.) Katia’s lashes are conspicuously longer, while even I noticed that my usually nonexistent lashes looked thicker and more curvy. I vow to apply my RevitaLash nightly.

Major Milestone: This morning I thought about not wearing mascara because my lashes looked pretty good. But they’re not quite there yet - maybe at week four.

Chia Pet

Time elapsed: One week. Chia Pets are known to sprout almost immediately so we handicapped the contest and gave RevitaLash a week head start.

Observations: Chia, or RevitaHippo, as we’ve been calling it, is pretty cute. Chia seeds, which is what you sprinkle all over the ceramic creature, are extremely messy. After a sluggish first couple days, the hippo has started to germinate and now is 80 percent seed, 20 percent tiny green tendrils.

Major Milestone: The first green sprout on day five. Weekends are a big growth time for the Chia.

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