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My Latest Nail Art Obsession: Mani Monday

As much as we love nail art, we’re better at admiring designs than coming up with them ourselves. That’s why we’ve enlisted Anna Norman, the smarty pants behind Glitter, She Wrote, to be a regular contributor. Every Monday, she’ll be sharing her latest lacquer inspiration—you won’t be satisfied with plain ol’ polish again.

There have been a lot of new additions to the nail world recently—crackle polish, magnetic lacquer, and nail strips, to name a few. But temporary tattoos for nails? Now this I’m excited about.

I used to go crazy over temporary tats as a kid, so these are right up my alley. I got my hands on a set of bigRuby Nail Tattoos, which include hip designs like skulls and mustaches. For my first inked mani, I chose a deer head to adorn a “status nail” on each hand.

Nail tattoos need to be applied to completely dry polish. I painted my nails with one of my favorites for the summer, neon pink Color Club Jackie Oh!, and let my nails dry for about an hour. Once the polish was dry, I placed the paper tattoo over my nail and pressed down on the back with a dripping wet finger—just like applying an old school temporary tattoo. I lifted the paper away after a few seconds, leaving the design perfectly imprinted on my nail and applied a top coat over the tattoo as instructed. When it comes to nail art, this is about as simple as it gets!

While I love creating my own designs, these tattoos are such a fresh and unexpected way to kick a manicure up a notch. I’m totally digging the look. And the best part? Absolutely no artistic talent or steady hand required.

In dire need of more nail art inspiration? Read the rest of Anna’s brilliant nail art guides here.

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