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In Defense of Freckles, Spots, Moles and Beauty Marks

These bare-faced beauties embrace their specks. Gorgeous. (Photo:

For any spotted beauties out there who have hidden their freckles, spots or unusually-shaped beauty marks, here’s a reason to embrace every last dot. Los Angeles photographer Reto Caduff has devoted an entire limited-edition book, Freckles, to black and white portraits honoring these pretty spots—and every one of these women looks amazing.

In an interview with T magazine, Caduff said:

“I’ve always liked freckles but working on shoots over the years, I noticed that they usually get covered with makeup or digitally removed in post-production. So I decided to celebrate the spots rather than erase them.”

Growing up, I had one brilliantly placed, awesomely prominent (cute-ish) mole: on the very tip of my nose. Bulls-eye. I spent hours upon hours worrying about how it looked as a kid. Then in junior year of high school—once I began to embrace my dot as an awesome, defining characteristic that made me more me—I had to get it lasered off due to concerns that it might become cancerous. Now, I often wonder about that beauty mark, and consider whether I should have tried to love it instead of spending all my time trying to find ways to hide it. Thus why I was so taken by this book: it’s a great reminder to embrace your natural, unique features, because inevitably you will look stunning doing so.

I love that Caduff has given these oft-covered specks some serious love, and will be hopping down to Dashwood Books (on Bond Street here in New York) to pick up a copy as soon as possible. 


Do you have freckles or expertly placed moles or spots? Do you try to cover them up? 


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