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Bridesmaid Beauty Bootcamp

This weekend, my best friend from college is getting married in Charlottesville, VA. Since the weather is going to be a steamy 100 degrees (yes, you read that right), I am taking my makeup seriously. After all, I don’t want to look like a melted bridesmaid in all the photos! I called on my friend Stefanie Syat, founder of PreDame parties and genius makeup artist, for a crash course in pretty, long-lasting bridesmaid makeup.


1. Start with a primer that’s right for your skin type (oily, dry, uneven…etc)

2. Using a brush, apply foundation from the nose area and work your way out towards the cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Add under eyes lightly.

3. Add a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation under your eyes and into inner corners. Blend outward right above and along the ‘cheekbone highlight’ to hairline. This brightens.

4. Lightly brush powder all over.

5. Next up: bronzer. Make a fishy face and using an angle brush, add contour into the concave cheek area. Blend upward and outward into hairline making it into a ‘C shape’ on each cheek to forehead. If you have a weak chin, turn that C into a 3 on both sides by going under the jawline and fully under the chin to create a shadow under the face. This contour makes you appear to have a stronger jawline.

6. Pop a pink or coral blush on the apples on your cheeks and don’t be afraid to use more than usual. Blush doesn’t show up well in photos and comes off with all the side cheek kisses at weddings. Use a cream blush first, then apply a powder over top for extra long lasting coverage. You can also use a cheek stain and set with powder blush. Powder blush (preferably no shimmer) over everything helps prevent extra shine in photos.

7. Sweep a highlight (powder, liquid, or cream) on the top of cheekbones where blush and concealer almost meet. With the rest of the products placed specifically, the highlight will really pop in photos—especially with a matte blush. Too much shimmer everywhere can also make the skin seem oily in photos.

8. Spray face with Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. A good 3-4 pumps, 6 inches from your face will do the trick.


1. Prime lids all the way from the lash line to brow bone. Primer should be close to your skin tone or a little lighter and should dry matte.

2. Depending on the amount of eye shadow you want, follow accordingly: add a medium tone shimmer color (bronze, plum, teal, gold, silver or whatever undertone you want the eye to be) all over kids. Don’t sweep it on with a brush. Literally press the color strategically into lids so it’s more opaque. Commit to the color.

3. Add a warm brown (try MAC Corduroy) into crease. You should see this brown when you look straight into the mirror with your eyes open.

4. Use a black gel or liquid liner on top of your lashes. Keep it thin on the inside and thicker towards the outside of your eye. make sure to angle the brush up for a little flick/check on outer corners. This gives the eyes a lift and looks better than just ending the line abruptly.

5. Next, take a dark brown shadow and apply it to the top outer corner of eyes in a sideways ‘V’ or triangle shape. Using the same shadow, sweep it under bottom lash line, heavier in outer corners again.

6. Add a light shimmer tone into the inner third of top lids, not just your tear duct. That can look a bit cheesy.

7. Curl your lashes and apply one coat of mascara on top and a double coat of mascara on the bottom. Alternatively, put a false lash strip on top. You definitely can handle one! 

8. Fill in brows last because you may not put enough on if you do it first.


1. Lips never stay all day but a lip primer does help. Fill in your lips with a liner shade similar to your lip color. It will grab the lipstick and keep it on a little longer. A lip stain under a gloss will also last longer.

2. If you want your lips to look bigger, and are ready for a more advanced technique, shade the cupid’s bow (just above your lip) a bit with a light brown shade and right under the center of your bottom lip.

LASTLY re-powder, and re-curl your lashes!


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