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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise Are Divorcing

Holmes and Cruise at their last public appearance together: the Vanity Fair Oscar Afterparty. Photo: Zimbio

Five short years after getting married at a breathtaking (and massively publicized) ceremony in an Italian castle, former Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes and Hollywood mogul/punching bag Tom Cruise are getting divorced.

When Martin, our typically-unconcerned-with-celebrity-news BB Man editor, read the People headline to himself around 1:30 today, the news swept across the office in seconds and arrested productivity for a solid minute.  Heads popped up from ops, beauty partnerships, editorial and logistics alike—all wearing perplexed expressions.

What? How is this possible? They can’t just break up! Oh wait, Hollywood couples divorce all the time. The news at once shocked us and simultaneously satisfied an inkling we’ve had of this conclusion for years.  While we can’t erase images of Tom dipping Katie on the red carpet in Paris, jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch with joy, and covering Vanity Fair with then brand-new daughter Suri, we also can’t help but feel a touch of pessimism about famous couples. We might not always relate to their very public relationships but we see so much of them, we can’t help but share the heartbreak when things don’t work out.

What is your reaction to this breakup news?  Shocked? Appalled? Unsurprised? Let us know in the comments below.


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