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4 Reasons Why I Love Rollerball Scents

I have to admit that before I started working at Birchbox, I wasn’t all that into fragrance. While I’m still no aficionado, I have developed a real affinity for scents since taking this job, and I now spritz something at least once a day. I actually keep a whole host of options near me on my desk—but I’ve never considering taking a scent with me in my purse until I met Joya’s new Scent of Soulmates. It was inspired by the mystery thriller The Book of Lost Fragrances, but it’s the composition itself rather than the literary allusions that won me over. I’ve been wearing sweet floral perfumes for a while now, and I was ready for something different. Joya’s scent is citrusy and green at first thanks to its dominant notes of grapefruit and cypress, then veers into a spicy and musky zone with hints of ginger, cedarwood, and incense in the dry down (see, I’m starting to master fragrance lingo!). What’s more, it comes in a handy rollerball format that has left me wondering if spritz bottles are at a serious disadvantage. 

Here’s why I love rollerball scents and you should too:

  • They’re mini-sized, so they don’t take up a ton of space in my purse, leaving me more room for my Tupperware lunch containers, subway reads, Moleskin, compact mirror, you get the idea…
  • Unlike spritz bottles, I can apply them discreetly—even mid-commute—without worrying about enveloping the strangers next to me on the Q train in a cloud of perfume. 
  • They’re a great way to test out a smaller version of a fragrance without committing to the expense of a large bottle (if you’re a Birchbox subscriber, this line of thinking should be familiar!).
  • Most rollerball scents are more concentrated than conventional eau de toilettes, so they’ll stick around longer. Joya’s Scent of Soulmates, for example, is a fragrance oil which clings nicely to my skin.


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