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Dessert at Breakfast May Help You Lose Weight

Great success! Dessert for breakfast is actually kind of good for you. (Photo:

Stop everything: Did you have a high protein, good-for-you breakfast today? If you’re trying to lose weight, you could be doing yourself a favor by reaching for a donut after your daily dose of eggs and O.J. Results from a recent study by Tel Aviv University have shown that participants who ate dessert with their breakfast had an easier time losing weight in the long term. Reach for a cookie immediately.

While exciting, the study’s results shouldn’t be applied universally if you’re looking to shed some pounds. Participants were kept to a low-calorie diet (1,400 calories for women, and 1,600 calories for men) everyday. They were then broken into two groups; both were required to eat a high-protein breakfast, but one section was offered a donut, a cookie, chocolate or cake after morning meal and one section wasn’t.*

While the two groups both lost weight over the first half of the experiment—an average of 33 pounds over 16 weeks—the group that ate sugary treats with breakfast was better able to continue losing weight during the follow-up period. And, they had a greater decrease in the “hunger hormone” ghrelin after the meal. 

The hypothesis for why it works to grub on jelly donuts after eggs? Allowing yourself some treats instead of cutting them off completely, while on a diet, prevents you from having scarily intense cravings that lead to binging.

Well, we’re not going to waste any time. We’re beelining it for the kitchen right now to find a sweet treat, thankyouverymuch


*(Plus other caloric restrictions at lunch and dinner, for more specifics, read the full article by Healthland here.)

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