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Embrace the Frizz: Hairistocracy

We’re guilty of sticking with the same hair cut for years—if it’s not broke, why fix it?—but that can be a little boring. But not everyone has our issue. Paulina, one of our amazing operations associates, is always eyeing new cuts and styles. She’ll be sharing her tress inspiration and tips every other week here via her Hairistocracy column.


Last night I was flipping through the runway shots from the spring 2012 collections and I did a double take when I landed on Oscar de la Renta’s RTW line: holy frizz! Every woman was sporting a head full of extra crimped and volumized hair, and they looked absolutely gorgeous.

Suddenly I’ve become inspired to try and work with my frizz, too. While it can seem like one of our biggest hair enemies, I think it’s time to put down our guns (or hardcore hair oils), girls. Let’s embrace this voluminous look.

If you’ve got some natural curl, or if you use a curling iron to make tight ringlets, try brushing them out with a flat cushion brush like Spornette’s Luxury Cushion. One or two strokes should do the trick, as you don’t want the curl to lose form completely. Follow up with a shine spray or mist like Kelly Van Gogh WONDERLUST Hair Colour Protecting & Illuminating Tonic—this will create a soft, shiny feel.

From here, you can opt to let it go wild or use pins to tie the front pieces back and showcase your face. It’s a beautiful look that works with the weather extremes this summer and why shouldn’t we embrace what we’ve already got?

Would you wear your hair like the Oscar de la Renta models? 


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