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Make Dark Circles Disappear with a Deep Brown Corrector

Deepica before (left) and after (right) applying deep brown corrector.

On days when I’m makeup-free, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked if I pulled an all-nighter because of the dark circles I have under my eyes. It’s a tough beauty wrap I was born with, and I know several Indian women, like myself, who have the same dilemma.

I use to think the only way to cover up this imperfection was with under eye concealer. But I recently discovered that there’s actually a wonder product designed to make dark spots on your face appear relatively non-existent.

Deep Brown Corrector, sold by Make-up Designory (MUD), was created for the sole purpose of camouflaging brown spots on darker skin. The bright pigmentation of the product works to even your skin tone before applying any foundation or concealer. What’s so great about it is it can be used for dark spots on any part of your face, not just under your eyes. As crazy as my face looks with bright red all over it at first, the end result makes it worth it!

The DIY version of a deep brown corrector = a bright orange/red matte lipstick (the matte part is key). The color MAC in So Chaud (what I used in the picture above) works wonders.

Do you have a dark spot concealer trick for darker skin? 


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