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How to Make an Organizer Out of Old Birchboxes

Here at Birchbox, we are big fans of recycling. Not only do we separate cans from bottles and paper from plastic, we also save old Birchboxes and repurpose them as drawers! Follow the step-by-step instructions below (with pictures) to create your very own organizer, great for storing jewelry, headphones, and of course, all your fave samples. 

Step 1: Open a Birchbox and grab the bottom half of the box. Next, cut off one of the long sides. Do this to two other bottom halves. Cut cleanly and keep the scrap side pieces (you’ll use them later). 

Step 2: Line the three boxes up next to each other. This will provide the backbone of your organizer. With the cut edges facing towards you, first place one as the bottom of the structure. Next, take the two others and create the sides by sliding them over the short edges of the bottom box.

Step 3: Next, take the top of a Birchbox and cut off both of the short sides.

Step 4: Place this inside the two upright box halves so that it functions as the back panel. Make sure the logo is facing out. 

Step 5: Using the remaining pieces from step 1, tape them to the back wall so that they become the dividers where the drawers rest. Be sure to use a bottom box half to properly align these dividers. We used neon tape to show how we secured everything in place.

Step 6: In addition to taping the shelves to the sides and the back wall, remember to tape the bottom of the structure. Make sure all the pieces are snug and in place before taping. 

Step 7: Take three more box bottoms to use as the drawers. Poke a hole in the middle of a long side on each. 

Step 8: With a ribbon, you can create a finger pull handle for each drawer. Use a fun color for the ribbon! 

Step 9: The final touch is taking the top of a Birchbox and placing it at the top of the structure. 

HINT: Place heavier items on the bottom drawers so it doesn’t collapse!


More Birchboxes to spare?  Find great recycling ideas here.

P.S. Birchbox community members love DIY too! Check out this awesome tutorial by Smart n Snazzy of a similar way to up-cycle Birchboxes!

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