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Wonderland’s Summer Hair Guide: Guest Blogger

Our latest guest blogger, Ally of Allyson in Wonderland, is an oil and gas professional with a serious eye for great finds. We can’t get enough of her gorgeously crafted blog, where she shares her love for style, travel, and photography. This week she’s giving us a peek into her personal beauty treasure chest—and we’re taking notes.

Summer is not the best time for hair. It’s hot, humid, and for a fine-haired lady like me it’s almost impossible to have a good hair day! I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to do my hair, then I step outside and poof: it falls flat, frizzes, or curls up. I’m always looking for a wonder product to give me the world’s most perfect hair. Until I find that miracle potion though, I have three excellent products on standby.

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Strong Hold
This is the stuff legends are made of. Until 2008, the product was banned from the U.S. because of ozone-damaging flourocarbon propellants, so American hair stylists working in Paris for fashion week would return home with as many cans as they could stash in their bags. Since then, the spray has been declared safe, and is available at most drugstores. It’s absolutely the best hairspray I’ve ever used. It will never make your hair crunchy or stiff and can be used over and over without weighing hair down.

Bumble and bumble. hair powder
What they claim it does: This hair cleanser absorbs excess oil and adds volume. Use it to extend the life of a blow-dry and leave hair with a matte texture. What I claim it does: This colored spray powder will refresh dirty hair and discreetly cover up your scalp if you have thinning hair; and it adds tons of volume and texture! After using it I feel like one of Vidal Sassoon's hair models from the swinging ’60s. Also it’s a great way to cover up roots between trips to the salon.

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo
With all the products I use on my hair, especially mousse and deep conditioners, my hair can get weighted-down. This product claims to remove 90% of dulling residue. All I know is that immediately after I use it, my hair is bouncier than ever. Using it just once a week really does the trick!

Do you swear by a certain hair product?

Here’s our trick for avoiding flat, summer hair: a volumizing shampoo.

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