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Fifty Shades of Grey-Inspired Beauty Products Coming Soon


Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey have become household names in the last few months, thanks to the explosive popularity of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. But now their, uh, extra-experimental relationship will become even more ubiquitous. Coming soon: Fifty Shades of Grey beauty products.

The beauty line is among many new licensing agreements in the works for the books, following on the heels of a movie deal, a lingerie line, and sex toys—obviously. (We’re wondering if there’s going to be a limited edition set of Christian Grey-esque silk ties, too.)

While no firm details are available yet on what will be included in the makeup line, we wouldn’t be surprised if a lotion, a vampy lipstick, a bath oil or bath salts, and even candles were released to help create a Shades of Grey ambiance at home. As the Girls in the Beauty Department pointed out, there will also hopefully (or likely) be a beach spray or texturizing spray of some kind, to help you re-create Anastasia’s perfectly mussed hair after her encounters with Christian.

Are you looking forward to this fiction-inspired line?


Another newly minted set of story inspired products? Deborah Lippmann’s Snow White polish duo.

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