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A Princess Flick We Can Get Behind

Brave hits theatres this Friday, June 22nd. Photo: Apple

Jasmine, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle. Disney movie heroines were easily the entertainment highlight of my childhood. As I was growing up, their fantastic worlds, awesome adventures, and picture-perfect happy endings shaped my sense of what was possible. For me, the female leads represented what it meant to be an adult woman. I dressed up as Disney princesses for Halloween: for all intents and purposes, I wanted to be them. Now, looking back, I realize the the stories set (much) less than realistic expectations, with a brand of femininity that wasn’t worthy of worship.

Must a girl be swept off her feet to change her own circumstances? Can a woman drive the action? How important are appearances in life and love?When questions like these linger in our grown-up minds, it’s worth asking whether little girls should turn to Disney for role models.

Pixar’s latest princess film takes a new whole approach to the female lead, and it’s an interpretation that we can get behind. The heroine of upcoming film Brave, Merida, is no damsel in distress. “If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?” she asks in the action-packed trailer. The girl’s got guts (not to mention a bow and arrow) and she challenges past stereotypes of what a chick can accomplish. Merida rock-climbs, shoots at targets and rejects her many suitors. We can’t wait to get tickets and watch this ginger girl go!  

Does Brave mark a new chapter in the Disney princess saga?  Watch the trailer and tell us what you think!


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