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Sunscreen Fit To Throw in Your Beach Bag All Summer

As a very pale person from a family with a history of skin cancer, I know I should be loading up on SPF at all times. Lately, I’ve been using a BB Cream with SPF to protect my face, but as warmer weather rolls in I’ll need something to protect the rest of my body, too. The only problem? I fear I won’t remember to slather it on as often as I should. In case you weren’t aware, the general rule of thumb goes like this: take the SPF value and multiple it by the amount of time it would normally take for your skin to burn—that’s how often you should reapply. For me, that means SPF 30 times 10 minutes, or every 5 hours. Of course, that number doesn’t account for swimming or excessive sweating, which (let’s be honest) is a pretty constant problem in 90-degree weather. In those cases, you should be reapplying every 40 minutes, which means that finding a non-sticky, non-gross sunscreen should be a goal for everyone. 

Luckily, working at Birchbox means I get to try loads of different sunscreens, and one that’s standing out right now is Coola’s Sport Sunscreen Spray in Citrus Mimosa. In terms of how lazy I can be and still get sun protection, it’s pretty much as good as it gets. Coola’s lightweight spray is SPF 35, and it covers my arms and legs in approximately three seconds. As long as I remember to stick it front and center in my beach bag, spraying every 40 minutes or so is much easier than trying to reapply a cream sunscreen. It’s broad spectrum, meaning it protects against both aging UVA rays and skin-burning UVB rays. In addition to the FDA-approved, sun-protecting ingredient Avobenzone, the sunscreen spray also includes ingredients more commonly found in fancy moisturizers like aloe, cucumber, algae, and strawberry extracts. And shockingly enough, the citrus mimosa fragrance completely masks the smell of normal eau de SPF. It’s truly the anti-sunscreen sunscreen.


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