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Naturally Silky Skin with Zum Bar: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, Vida Lee, hits close to home for us—literally! She’s a beauty guru based in our hometown: New York City. Aside from being a product addict, she’s also a medical school student (whoa!) who makes time on the side for her pretty blog, P.S. It’s Vida. Over the next few days, the smarty savant will be sharing her greatest tips and tricks for staying prepped and primed for summer.

I’m not one to fuss about natural beauty products, but when a great one comes my way, I’m all about it. One of my recent finds is Indigo Wild’s Zum Bar. This all-natural soap is made from goat’s milk that balances out your pH, so it doesn’t doesn’t dry your skin out or leave it oily. 

The first time I used it, I was pleasantly surprised by its luxurious lather. This soap is beautifully creamy and smooth; it just glides along the skin. I use the tangerine-orange scent, but there’s a whole range of scent I’m dying to try, like Frankincense & Myrrh and Sea Salt.

For people with dry skin, this works wonders. I always forget, or am just too lazy, to moisturize after a shower. This soap makes my skin so silky smooth that there’s barely any need to. At the same time, it leaves me feeling incredibly clean.

What natural products do you swear by?

One of our fave all-natural and organic brands is Juice Beauty—check them out! 

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