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Wellness Tips From Celebrity Trainer Jackie Warner (Including How To Speed Up Your Metabolism)

Celebrity Trainer Jackie Warner led a workout on the sand this past Saturday with Well & Good NYC and Evian Water. Photo:

This past Saturday, at a time when I would normally be sleeping in, I was sweating up a storm, working out my quads and biceps. What could possibly have gotten me out of bed and doing pushups and squats? Celebrity trainer Jackie Warner. Well & Good NYC hosted a workout event with Evian Water and Warner as part of Evian’s Live Young, Get Fit! series and I was lucky enough to be invited.

If you’ve ever seen either of Warner’s Bravo reality shows, Work Out or Thintervention, you know she’s an excellent motivator. In addition to leading an intense workout in the sand at Beekman’s Garden in NYC’s South Street Seaport, Warner talked about why she teamed up with Evian, and offered tricks for staying motivated to work out. Plus, she shared a delicious and easy recipe for a shake to drink before you sweat.

Why Water is So Amazing:

“Number one: many times when you get that ‘hunger pang’ it’s because the hormone ghrelin is released in your system. What can curb that hunger hormone from being released is simply being hydrated. Always try to get yourself a cold water and see if that hunger pang goes away. You don’t want to starve yourself. You still want to eat breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner everyday, but in between those meals drink water. Number two: if you drink three liters of water every day, that speeds up your metabolism by—get this number—about 33 percent. That’s insane. That’s amazing.”

Staying Motivated:

“When I was in New York a few weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling my workouts because I’ve been training myself for 20 years. Just like you, I was like ‘I don’t really feel like going to the gym, I’m bored.’ So I sat on the plane and I wrote 30 days of workouts for myself to be done six days a week. It got me excited to go back every single day and challenge myself. You should also change your playlist frequently. It always helps. Change it weekly: download new music so you have something to stimulate your brain in the gym.”

Warner’s Pre-Workout Shake (300 Calorie):

Whey protein

½ cup Mixed frozen berries

½ spinach (Warner swears the taste is masked by the berries)

1 tbsp flax seed oil 

1 tbsp peanut butter


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