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At-Home Asian Sheet Masks: Today’s Obsession

We’ve told you about do-it-yourself Asian sheet masks before on this blog, but now that we’ve had a chance to get our hands on them, we had to report back. Already wildly popular in their home country of South Korea, paper face masks were designed for busy women on a budget, which is pretty much me in a nutshell. I consider myself a skincare devotee, but the truth is my insane schedule and lack of spare funds prohibits me from getting regular pro treatments. Not one to be content with my daily cleansing-moisturizing routine, I’ve been trying a variety of sheet masks from different brands. The current winner: Masqueology, a Korean line that just launched in the U.S. 

Masqueology makes ten varieties of masks, with my favorite being their Brightening option, which is formulated to target my number one concern: dullness and brown spots. It comes in a sealed pack, and the paper mask inside is pre-soaked in a solution of active ingredients. There’s arbutin, a berry extract that promises to naturally lighten pigmentation over time, witch hazel to calm redness, and mulberry root to slow down melanin production.

I penciled in some spare time one night after work to try the mask out, and it was the most relaxed I’ve felt in ages. First, I fit the contours of the cut-outs over my face. Next, I laid down and relaxed for twenty minutes (with my phone off) and closed my eyes. When my time was up, I removed the mask and rubbed in any remaining serum—and right away I noticed that I looked more well-rested, and had softer, more glowy skin. I’m planning to use the mask once a week going forward to see if I can get even better results. It’s an easy way to get my spa fix without leaving my studio apartment. 

Would you use an at-home sheet mask in place of getting a spa facial? 


If under eye circles are getting you down, check out Masqueology’s Revitalizing Eye Mask.

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