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Resolutions Worth Making

I have a friend who has an atypical New Years tradition: he writes down all his resolutions on scraps of paper and, at the chime of midnight, burns them to ashes. I like this. It’s a firm stance against those un-keepable resolutions that we all make. Then again, there’s something about January 1st that is incredibly seductive - the chance to reset and charge forward refreshed. This year, instead of resolving to lose five pounds, I’m more focused on tweaking my lifestyle to make it healthier and happier. I love the approach that my friends at Well and Good NYC are taking: they’ve devoted this week to healthy resolutions that they can achieve, from trying exercise classes that scare them and detoxing their beauty cabinet. 

My beauty resolutions are still in the works, but here is a small start:

-No more being lazy about SPF. I’ve been lectured by dermatologists, facialists, and skincare gurus for years and still I laze by with the modicum of sunscreen in my daily tinted moisturizer. No more. It’s SPF 30 everyday or bust. Stay tuned for more resolutions from me and Team Birchbox.

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