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Baby Products That Will Transform Your Skin

Based in Washington D.C., Ayren Jackson-Cannady is so savvy that we wished she lived closer to NYC so that we could swap products with her. This beauty writer knows what’s up (she’s written for Fitness, Glamour, and Gloss Daily) and we’re excited to have her sharing her know-how and multi-culti beauty expertise as a contributing editor.

If there’s one thing we all know about baby products, it’s that they’re super-duper gentle. So if you’re complexion is extra-sensitive, a trip to Babies-R-Us might be in order. I just so happen to have a 7-month-old boy, so I’m at the baby supply store at least once a week (yep, they really do need that many diapers). What I’ve learned: mama can use diaper cream, too (though not necessarily on her derriere; I’ll explain). Here are the baby products that work wonders for mother and child.

Diaper Cream: Any runners in the house? While training for my first post-baby half-marathon (the gut wasn’t going to lose itself), I experienced some serious inner-thigh chafing. I cringe just thinking about it. But, a tiny bit of the babe’s diaper cream helped to nip that problem in the bud.

Humidifier: For the first six months of little man’s life, he slept in my room with a humidifier, which helped his allergies and very dry skin. Turns out, my complexion benefited just as much as his—no more dry patches, parched lips, or itchy scalp.

Boogie Wipes: My snotty son lives (er, sniffs) for these. Now I do, too. Dubbed as the baby wipe for the face and nose, I keep a personal stash by my bedside so that I can gently remove my makeup when I forget to do the whole P.M. wash-and-moisturize routine.

Baby Shampoo: An oldie but a goody: Nothing cleans makeup brushes like baby shampoo. Nothing!

Do you swear by any baby products?

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