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5 Questions For…Classtivity’s Payal Kadakia

The best thing about being a part of the New York tech scene is that you often find out about the cool startups before they launch. Earlier this spring, we got a sneak peek at Classtivity, a site that makes it easy to find and book classes (think everything from flower arranging to rock climbing).

Co-founder and CEO Payal Kadakia says Classtivity was born out of her own ‘aha’ moment. A lifelong dancer, she was searching for a ballet class to take after work one day. “An hour later, I was so tired of searching, checking schedules, mapping, scrolling, and clicking to find the right class, I didn’t even end up going to a class—simply out of frustration,” she says. “I realized the problem: Why isn’t finding a class as easy as booking a reservation on OpenTable, or finding shoes on Zappos?” As Classtivity gets ready to launch in beta, we asked Kadakia for her must-try activities, plus one class she wishes existed.

What are some of your favorite classes?

I have taken a great hip hop class at Broadway Dance Center, and also love training with my Kathak teacher. I feel most comfortable in Bollywood classes with Pooja Narang, who was my first teacher in New York after I left school. Outside of that, one of my favorites was a group Thai cooking for a friend’s birthday that we found through Classtivity. I am not a cook, but I made an awesome chicken pad thai!

What’s on your list to try next and why?

Flywheel! We’ll be doing a team outing there soon—we have been working so hard at Classtivity, that we need to get out and sweat to remind ourselves what this is really all about.  

It’s a random Saturday and your friends want to do something in New York that is affordable and fun. Where do you send them? 

People love to brunch on the weekends, but it’s more fun if you get to make AND eat your weekend treats. I would send them to a group cooking class or a wine class where you learn all about the wines you love. After learning and feasting, they could head to a trapeze class, which is perfect for a group of friends looking for laughs and adventure.

How do you picture Classtivity fitting into New Yorkers’ lifestyles?  

Regularly! Classtivity is about invigorating people’s lives, helping them revive old passions and discover new ones. On days when you don’t have the time to take a class, we’ve got a blog where we highlight the newest trends in fitness, wellness, and enrichment activities—whether it’s tips from Kirstie Alley’s dance instructor or info on preparing for your first sword fighting class.

What’s something there should be a class for that there isn’t already? 

I have always wanted to be a meteorologist…I would take Storm Chasing 101 any day! Though, if you offered me a class on growing six inches taller, I wouldn’t say no.


Classtivity is in beta right now but if you use this super special link within 24 hours, you’ll get priority access. That’s how much we love you!

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