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Dollars & Sense: Why This SPF Moisturizer Beats Ten Fancy Cocktails

Our pick of the week: Birchboxers are an adventurous bunch. And now that summer is officially underway, we have plans to flee the city each Friday and spend our weekends hiking, swimming, and (let’s be real) beach-bumming. Though we’ll be scattered across the Eastern seaboard, you’ll find one product in many of our bags: Scalisi Skincare’s  Anti-Aging Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30.

This two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen is pretty much the only thing you need to withstand the summer sun (our other essential: a good deodorant). It’s a great alternative for those who hate piling on goopy sunscreen, since the non-sticky formula is a silky fluid instead of a heavy lotion. And for those who are skeptical that a moisturizer can pack a sufficient SPF factor, rest assured: it meets FDA standards for skin cancer prevention. 

As for anti-aging powers, Scalisi’s moisturizer will impress even the most jaded skincare connoisseurs. It’s designed by a team of biochemists who spent years figuring out how to reverse the look of wrinkles. Their research led them to develop a form of peptide technology that tricks your skin into thinking a wrinkle is a superficial cut, which then triggers collagen production and helps skin look smoother and, yes, younger.

How long it will last: If you apply a generous pumpful (.05 oz) on your face every morning, the 1.7 oz bottle will last four to six weeks. The airtight packaging is also designed to make sure you get full use of each bottle: you’ll squeeze out at least 95 percent of the product, compared to around 80 percent in ordinary bottles.

Buy this, not that: At $110 per bottle, Scalisi’s SPF moisturizer is definitely in the splurge category. But when we added up all the cash we drop at bars during happy hour, we figured out that we can buy this moisturizer for the same price as ten Pimm’s Cup cocktails (the average price of a drink in Manhattan is around $10, plus a dollar tip per drink). Maybe it’s time to schedule that long-postponed detox and spend our precious dollars on some luxe skincare products instead. 


Scalisi Skincare is known for products that accomplish more than one purpose. Our other favorite: the two-in-one Cleanser & Exfoliator.

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