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How to Get Oscar de la Renta’s Neon Streaked Hair


Neons are “it” color for summer, and they’ve even made their way into the resort 2013 runway shows. Earlier this week, models at Oscar de la Renta strutted down the catwalk showing off a single neon streak woven into chic updos. How’s that for a touch of ’90s punk in an Upper East Side ‘do?

It’s a pretty awesome, gutsy look—and because Birchbox staffers have their finger on the beating pulse of beauty, of course our senior manager of e-commerce, Kelly-Marie, has already been sporting the look for weeks. We asked her for the low-down deets on what you should know if you want to get streaky, and she gave us her top four tips:

1. If you have dark hair, make sure to bleach a section first so that the new color shows. You’ll want to leave the bleaching to a professional since this can get messy and really damage your hair if you leave it on too long.

2. Choose a rich, bright color. Not only is it more fun but it will also last longer than lighter colors, which may look faded.

3. If you decide to add the color yourself (after it’s been professionally bleached or as a touch up), use gloves! This can get extremely messy and leave your fingers dyed for days. You’ll also want to wrap the streaked hair in foil while the color sets so that you don’t stain your shirt.

4. Use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help your streaked hair stay healthy. Even better, though, try a color-safe option that has hydrating properties like Kérastase’s Chroma Sensitive.

Here are the tools that Kelly-Marie used to get her extra-bright streak:

Plastic gloves, a V-Shaped brush from Ricky’s NYC and Amplified’s Manic Panic in Hot Hot Pink.

Would you ever wear a neon streak like this?


Looking for more hair inspiration? Another trend to try: the ballerina high ponytail.

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