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Victoria Beckham Indulges in $600 Sheep Placenta Facials


I’m a big believer in experimentation and giving all products a fair shake, but when I found out about Hollywood’s new go-to facial, I was floored (and maybe a little grossed out). What’s the latest trend in sunny SoCal? LED light therapy facials using sheep’s placenta gel that’s infused with gold flakes, courtesy of Dr. Harold Lancer. 

CocoPerez is reporting that celebs like Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian have all flocked to Dr. Lancer’s office to undergo the procedure, which costs $600 and uses only placenta from New Zealand sheep since they “don’t have impurities in their system.

I’ll admit, I’ve had some kind of placenta on my face before for a very innovative facial, but even when it was happening, I found it unnerving and a wee bit icky. But if I remember correctly, my face did look bright and glowing afterward. I just can’t decide if it’s worth spending $600 and feeling creeped out to have glowy skin. 

Would you get this facial? Or have you had a placenta facial before? 


Aside from her desire for interesting skin treatments, Victoria Beckham has awesome hair. Have you seen the sassy ponytail she wore while kissing David Beckham?

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