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Do You Clean Your Makeup Brushes Properly?

While we all know the importance of washing our face everyday, we often neglect to clean things that touch our skin regularly, like makeup brushes. I am totally guilty of this myself, which is why I did some investigating on the subject and eventually filmed the above tutorial. Here’s a simple breakdown—and no, cleaning your brushes doesn’t have to be a big to-do. 

There are essentially two ways to clean brushes: spot cleaning or deep cleaning. Spot cleaning takes only a few seconds and is easy enough to do every few days. Just a few spritzes onto a paper towel, a couple swirls of the brush, and all the recent gunk and makeup comes right off. In fact, I still use the Bobbi Brown Brush Cleaning Spray that’s showcased in the above clip. 

Deep cleaning, on the other hand, is a little more complicated and involves physically washing your brushes with soap and water. I’ve recently discovered BeautyBlender’s BleanderCleanser, which works wonders on makeup brushes. A soy-based cleanser, this formula is exceptionally gentle and dissolves dirt, debris, bacteria, and oil that have accumulated over time. Most of all, I love the lavender scent that gives my brushes a very luxe feel. 

To learn the proper technique to both spot and deep cleaning, click the player to watch the video.

Have you been cleaning your makeup brushes using these techniques? 


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