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My Skin-Perfecting Summer Savior

As an avid rock climber, I tend to come away from my weekly top-roping sessions with at least a few serious scrapes and bruises. These “lovemarks,” as we’ll call them, are awesome when I want to feel like a hardcore, super-strong, independent woman. They’re way less awesome when I’m attempting to look glowingly fabulous for a Saturday night out, or when I’m throwing on a pretty sundress for Sunday brunch. Old scars and black and blue spots aren’t exactly glamorous. But thankfully, I’ve discovered a go-to product that has become my skin savior for the summer months: Miracle Skin Transformer’s Body Enhancer.


When I need to even out my skin tone and add some sheer coverage to my arms, legs, and decolleté, I reach for this super-light lotion. The moisturizing formula has the slightest tint and shimmer, so it gives a hint of glow. Since it also contains SPF 20, I like using it as an all-in-one hydrator and sunscreen option if I know I’ll be in the sun for the afternoon. I find that it’s also handy when I wear a skirt for nights out—it definitely gives a more flattering sheen to my legs before I walk out the door. (This is the closest I can get to J. Lo’s amazingly shiny shins.)

The key to this lotion, since it can seem sheer on the first go around, is to add a few extra coats depending on how dark the imperfection is. I found that an old scar was nicely masked by a light sheen after two or three applications. Since I’m heading to the beach this weekend, I’m throwing this MST in my bag to hide any stray marks that might crop up while I’m in my bikini. (Knowing how often I walk into inanimate objects, I’ll definitely need it more than I’d like to admit.)

Are you a fan of MST Body like I am? Tell us in the comments! 


Miracle Skin Transformer is known for their blockbuster concealer. Have a blemish? Hide it using their ultra-masking formula.

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