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Have You Tried Blemish-Clearing Black Soap?

Based in Washington D.C., Ayren Jackson-Cannady is so savvy that we wished she lived closer to NYC so that we could swap products with her. This beauty writer knows what’s up (she’s written for Fitness, Glamour, and Gloss Daily) and we’re excited to have her sharing her know-how and multi-culti beauty expertise as a contributing editor.


First, a little back story: I have acne and, eh… let’s just say I’m well past my teenage years. Since I’m in that awkward place where I’m battling zits and fine lines at the same time, I try a lot of products (you should see my bathroom sink). Some products I’ve used were for zits; some were for wrinkles. But, I’ve never found anything that I could use to address both. Until now.

I have a friend whose skin is completely flawless (think: Beyonce + Jessica Biel). I was afraid to ask her what she did to get her complexion so perfect, fearing that she would tell me about some fancy-schmancy procedure that cost a million dollars. One day I peeked into her bathroom vanity (I’m nosey like that) and saw her stack of black soap bars. Then I became obsessed with the stuff. I started buying and using the bars and gradually saw my skin go from an oily, pimply mess to smooth and more even-toned. Experts say the reason it’s so effective is because once applied to skin, the soap breaks down the sticky blemish-causing sebum that holds onto dead skin and debris so that it sloughs off easier.

But here’s the thing: the bars aren’t all that cute-looking, which is probably why my friend stashed them away in the first place. So either you can put the muddy looking bar in a super-girly Pressed Pizzo Soap Dish, or try one of these sexier alternatives.

-ilike Black Exfoliating Wash comes housed in a modern-looking pump bottle and can also be used on the back and chest.
-Caswell Massey Onyx Black Soap is for die-hard bar soap lovers. It’s the prettiest black soap bar I’ve seen so far, and it works wonders on skin.
-Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap exfoliates, fights acne and prevents wrinkles in one sophisticated-looking glass bottle.

Have you tried black soap before?

In serious need of pimple-fighting saviors? Try Juice Beauty’s line to keep blemishes at bay.

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