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Today’s Obsession: A Plumping Wonder Balm

I’m a big fan of bare lips, and not for the reason you might think. While some girls eschew bold lip colors as a general rule, I tend to avoid them because they interfere with my ability to drink mugs of coffee (hello, lipstick rings). That’s not to say I wear absolutely nothing on my lips. To keep my lips soft, I rely on every beauty addict’s first love: lip balm. My new fave? Fusion Beauty’s Lip Fusion Balm. This clear conditioning balm first attracted me with its sleek appearance. It comes in a shiny silver tube and looks like a lipstick minus the pigment, which makes it great for color-phobes like yours truly. Learn more about this balm’s multitasking powers after the jump! 

Fusion Beauty has been known for their lip products since the 90s, so you know they’re not kidding around when it comes to their all-in-one formulas. Their Lip Fusion Balm has SPF 15, which makes an excellent addition to your summer beauty line-up. Plus, it doubles as a gentle plumper (it has something called Amplifat, which sounds weird and futuristic but really works to erase all those microscopic lines and  make your lips look fuller). Add a thick, salve-like texture and a hint of subtle shine, and you’ve got an all-around winner. I like to apply a coat whenever my lips are feeling dry—the soothing sensation is palpable. 

The best part about this clear balm? You can sip coffee all day long without worrying about wiping off your lipstick beforehand. 


If you’re looking for even more volume-boosting abilities, check out Fusion Beauty’s uber-effective lip plumper. 

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