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How To Get Better Beauty Sleep: Guest Blogger

Google alum Brit Morin is the founder of Brit & Co., an online lifestyle brand that covers tech, DIY, beauty, food…basically all our favorite things. Now she’s launched Weduarya super-cool app that makes getting married as easy as ordering from Seamless Web. It lets couples construct a custom site in just four steps and even leverages Facebook’s social graph to help with photos, invite guests, and manage other logistical details. All week, the wedding-savvy entrepreneur will be sharing her best big day tips with us. Even if you aren’t a bride-to-be, there’s plenty to learn.

We’re wrapping up our wedding series for the week with one final reminder for the big day: don’t forget about your beauty sleep! Cliché? Yes, but trust me, as a bride that got only two hours of sleep the night before her wedding, I can’t stress it enough.

Here are a few of my favorite natural ways to ensure a solid night’s rest:

Holly Golightly Eye Mask
Sleep in style. Oh Lovely Lolo’s DIY sleeping mask, inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s sweetheart Holly Golightly, is the perfect way to keep even your sleeping self adorably chic.

Calming Mists
Bring sleepy scents to your bed with calming mists. And here’s where a little DIY action comes into play. All you need is a spray bottle, some water, and some essential oils. Mix them all up and spray them onto your pillow before bedtime. One of my favorite combos for the mist is lavender and eucalyptus. This will promote not only restful sleep, but it will also help you breathe better. Once your mist is ready, make it cute with a label and some ribbon tied around the bottle. If you’d rather go the pre-made route, choose either Aura Cacia’s Chill Pill or Pillow Potion. Both are magical. 

Relaxing Nighttime Bath
If you enjoy taking baths, bring scented therapy to your tub. There are countless bath salts and even bubble baths on the market to help our skin feel soft and glowing, and make our eyelids heavy. I really like E.O. Nighty Night Bath Salts and Bubble Bath.

reBloom is a natural sleeping aid, but one that you actually drink before bed. It’s like a dose of Tylenol PM or Ambien without the grogginess. They’ve combined L-theanine (which helps you relax), melatonin (which signals your body to sleep), and valerian (which improves quality of sleep) to create a veritable triumvirate of sleep power.

Milk and Honey
Last but not least, sometimes we need to go back to basics and do as grandma would have done. Make yourself a nice cup of warm milk with honey, and sip it slowly as you practice your breathing exercises. Do keep in mind that it takes at least an hour for the components in milk to be converted by our amazing bodies into natural sleep-inducing substances. So make sure to drink this old remedy with plenty of time for it to take effect.

In need of more wedding advice? We love Brit’s suggestion to try ombre on your big day! 

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