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Glossaholics, Say Hello to Secret Agent Beauty

I have a don’t-ask, don’t-tell policy when it comes to lip gloss: if you don’t ask me how many I own, then I won’t have to reveal that I keep approximately a dozen shades on me at any given time. They get jumbled around with the loose change, spare hair ties, and expired Metrocards sitting in the bottom of my purse. I’m a bit disorganized (to say the least), but even I can keep track of the keepsake glosses in Secret Agent Beauty’s The Skinnys Collection. This new brand has bundled five mini-tubes in a black sequin zipper bag that’s glamorous enough to whip out in a nightclub bathroom when you’re surrounded by primping strangers in stilettos. 

Lip gloss fanatic that I am, I did some investigation into Secret Agent Beauty’s formulas this afternoon while attending their launch party in a posh penthouse suite of the London Hotel. Conclusion? These glosses don’t just look pretty—each works undercover as either a moisturizing treatment or a gentle plumper. They’re can also be layered under or over lipstick to give you smooth, line-free lips and prevent feathering. Though I dig them all, I must say my absolute favorite is the mauve Foreign-Intelligence Flirt. While its espionage abilities are limited to its name, it has plenty of other alluring qualities. I like how it smells faintly of lychee—my favorite exotic fruit—and its non-greasy feel. Plus, it has a mild dose of peppermint oil to give you visibly fuller lips (don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like Daffy Duck).

Together with its high-shine neighbors, this gloss has inspired me to clean up my purse and replace all those half-used tubes with a few well-edited (and easily locatable) standbys. 

How many lip products do you carry around every day?     


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