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Victoria Beckham Kisses David Beckham While Wearing Awesome Ponytail


While scoping the web for the best in beauty news, one of our editors came across this adorable video of Victoria and David Beckham kissing at an L.A. Lakers game. Now, aside from the fact that it’s fun to see Posh and Becks getting caught on the stila sponsored kiss cam, I was actually entranced by Victoria’s gorgeous ponytail. She gave the go-to look a simple, interesting twist that I’ve never tried before. Click through to see the video and find out how to get her look!

I love ponytail styles because it’s one of the most comfortable looks for me to wear. (It was my signature hair look throughout high school.) There are two things that I noticed which make Posh’s pony a little more glam:

1. She kept her middle part. This works especially well for ladies who don’t have bangs, since all of the hair can be swept back but kept romantic and loose. It also gives the entire look less of a “I’m going to the gym” vibe, and more of a tousled Southern California girl style. 

2. The back of her pony is teased and artfully poufed. You’ll want to backcomb a top, back section of your hair first and tie it off in half pony. Then pull the rest of your hair into a ponytail right near the first elastic to hide it.

And now, the pièce-de-résistance—Posh and Becks getting their smooch on:

Would you try out this sexy ponytail style?


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