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Team Building at Brooklyn Boulder

Team Content left to right: Candice, Meredith, Mollie, and Lorelei

Rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulder is loads of fun for many reasons, not the least of which is the spectacular people watching: wiry athletes swinging from hand-holds like monkeys, hipster couples on first dates, and too-cute kids who look like they are part-monkey. It’s also the ultimate place for team building because, as one of my editors pointed out, ‘You’re literally holding each others’ lives in your hands.’ Beat that, trust falls.

Taking part in the beginner Learn the Ropes class. 

This past Saturday, the Birchbox editorial team took a field trip to the rock climbing gym to get a crash course in belaying, climbing, and, yes, falling. We signed up for the gym’s Learn the Ropes class (a HUGE shout out to Classtivity for helping us find it!), which took us through all the basics, from tying ourselves in to following routes, all in less than two hours. It’s an ideal place to both learn and climb. The cavernous space, which opened in 2009, has 22,000 square feet of walls and boulders, plus a tightrope-walking area (none of us were bold enough to give it a go). Even on a busy Saturday, you rarely have to wait longer than a few minutes for a free rope, and there are as many newbies as there are pros. Beyond the thrill of scrambling up a 25-foot wall (don’t look down if you’re height-sensitive), rock climbing is fun because once you get the hang of it, you don’t have to be super strong to excel. It’s a thinking person’s sport because it requires strategically mapping out a route and conserving your strength. By the end of the day, we were wobbly-armed and victorious and even had enough energy to grab cocktails on the way home.


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