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The 10 Best Beauty Looks From ’90s TV Shows

Even though we run the risk of dating ourselves, we’ll happily admit that we grew up during one of the best decades of the last century: the ’90s. Who could forget the brilliance that was T.G.I.F. (the Friday night TV lineup, not the restaurant), boy bands in baggy clothes, and of course, scrunchies. In honor of the beauty looks that inspired some of our best (and worst) outfits, here are the top 10 TV character styles that helped shape our youth.


Name: Angela Chase (a.k.a. Claire Danes)

The Look We Loved: Angela Chase was the perfect on-screen version of us: the constantly questioning, ever-complicated protagonist of My So-Called Life. Her red hair, those brooding blue eyes—which somehow were always lightly done in barely there eyeshadow and eyeliner that really gave extra pop—and so much personality. Thanks for getting us through the tough, icky questions of adolescence, Angela.


Name: Topanga Lawrence (a.k.a Danielle Fishel)

The Look We Loved: Topanga was the leading lady of Boy Meets World, and her long blonde hair was always a source of serious envy for me. There was just so much of it, and it always looked perky, flouncy and oh so pretty. Plus, her brows were perfectly manicured without ever being over-plucked. 


Name: C.J. Parker (a.k.a. Pamela Anderson)

The Look We Loved: Who didn’t want that perfect dark crimson pucker and amazing platinum blonde hair blowing in the wind? Now, we’re not saying that we envied her very uncomfortable-looking one piece, but we did covet her perfectly tousled waves. (Plus, C.J. always kept perfectly french manicured fingers even when she was saving a helpless victim caught in a riptide. Hardcore.)


Name: Sarah Reeves (a.k.a Jennifer Love Hewitt)

The Look We Loved: Sarah was such a mainstay for me on Party of Five. She always had that adorable girl next door look, with a touch of frantic, that somehow seemed so real and honest. Sarah always had such gorgeous long brunette locks (how did it look so sleek all the time?!), and in my memory she pulled off that weird ’90s bandana-around-your-hair look better than anyone I knew. 


Name: Stephanie Tanner (a.k.a. Jodie Sweetin) 

The Look We Loved: As the middle daughter on Full House, you had to admire Stephanie Tanner’s spunk. Nothing slid by that girl without an on-point “how rude!” response. But Stephanie’s true forté was knowing how to rock a high, side half-ponytail—lots of volume, paired with a serious set of fringe in front. Steph also understood the secret for days when the ponytail didn’t cut it: Rock the headband.


Name: Brenda Walsh (a.k.a. Shannen Doherty)

The Look We Loved: As 90210's original nice girl, Brenda was the lovable Midwest transplant who always seemed to get into the perfect amount of trouble. I'll never forget her pretty fringe and those ultra-expressive eyes outlined in dark, moody colors and accentuated by her bold brows. 


Name: Buffy Summers (a.k.a. Sarah Michelle Gellar)

The Look We Love: Buffy The Vampire Slayer wasn’t just your average teenage girl: she could kick-butt and wield a stake better than anyone in town. Even while she was dusting vampires, Buffy still had a perfectly perky high ponytail, the prettiest highlights, and an easy-breezy makeup style (it looked like just a touch of lip gloss). I always wanted that tough girl, fragile prettiness that she managed to merge so seamlessly.


Name: Joey Potter(a.k.a Katie Holmes)

The Look We Loved: Poor love forlorn Josephine Potter. We first met Joey climbing through Dawson’s window as one of the precocious main characters of Dawson’s Creek. Joey had the girl next door routine down to an art, and had the adorably windblown hair to go with it. But the real Joey signature look? That perfect lip-biting pout. 


Name: Kelly Kapowski (a.k.a. Tiffani Amber Thiessen)

The Look We Loved: OMG, the bangs and all that hair. Resident Saved By The Bell sweetheart, Kelly, was the girl that everyone wanted to be. Her gorgeous hair plus her perky cheerleader-perfect smile and that up-and-down relationship with Zack Morris made her the belle of Bayside High. 


Name: Rachel Green (a.k.a. Jennifer Aniston)

The Look We Loved: Who didn’t want to have the “Rachel” when Friends was a huge hit? The choppy layers, the amazing highlights—it was the perfect tousled look that was glamorous yet easy-going. (I definitely had this cut at least twice in high school.) We’d like to thank Rachel for showing us how to get that unforgettable sexy-yet-cute look.


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