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3 Sneaky Things That Might Be Messing With Your Skin

This week I had my monthly facial at the Dermalogica Academy (which is definitely worth trying if you’re near a location) and discovered a few things that are messing with my skin from my specialist, Renee. Unlike the usual suspects (sleeping in makeup, not exfoliating enough, etc.), I never saw these coming.

1. Not Enough Protein

As a vegetarian for 10+ years, I’m pretty used to being asked about my protein intake. I’ll get to my answer in a second, but the truth is I never really know if I’m getting enough. That’s bad news for skin because protein is necessary for cell repair, and without it, your skin won’t bounce back from breakouts, sunburns, and other damage. Keeping track of how much protein you’re getting is important, it’s worth looking into it if your skin isn’t happy.

2. The Wrong Kind of Protein

Now back to that answer about my protein intake. I’ve always eaten lots of soy. I love tofu, soy-based veggie patties, edamame, and because I’m lactose-intolerant, I drink lots of soymilk. Well, turns out soybeans have some less than amazing side effects, like messing with hormones. That’s because they contain a source of phytoestrogens—too much of which can throw skin out of balance. So, instead of relying on mainly soy-based products for protein, make sure you’re incorporating whole grains like quinoa, nuts and nut butters, as well as veggie products made with wheat protein.

3. Dehydrated Skin

Well this is sort of a duh moment, but causes for  dehydrated skin goes beyond not drinking enough water. For me it also means over-washing, over-exfoliating, and not moisturizing my skin enough. If you’ve been dealing with acne, you might assume you need a heavy-duty cleanser. But extra strength isn’t always better. You could be stripping your skin of all its natural oils and causing it to freak out. Try a gentler option, and even cutting down to washing your face only at night. If you’re not sure if your skin is dehydrated, one tell tale sign is the state of your makeup after a few hours. If you notice your foundation or tinted moisturizer always seems to be gone by the end of the day, your skin may be quite literally soaking it up.


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