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What’s This Yellow Stuff On Kim Kardashian’s Face?


From the looks of this picture that Kim Kardashian tweeted, it would seem as if she had an unfortunate run-in with a highlighter. But don’t be fooled, these crazy yellow streaks are actually a trick that makeup artist Mary Phillips used on the celeb. Find out more details by clicking through!

The yellow marks all over Kim’s face are none other than a primer that Phillips used to even out skin tone underneath Kim’s foundation. The vibrant hue actually combats redness, helps brighten skin, and creates a more even canvas for the other makeup to go on. It looks a little bit like a fifth grader went wild with a marker, but if it would give us the same flawless skin that Kim always seems to have, we’d be willing to try it out.

Have you ever used a yellow primer on your face like this?


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