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Community Spotlight: Sister, Sister

Besides Tumblr, one of our favorite places to hang out online is Twitter. While chilling in the twitterverse the other day, we came across a tweet from Amanda Lucas that caught our attention. Amanda lives in Hyde Park, New York and her sister lives in South Bend, Indiana. Each month the Lucas sisters open their Birchboxes together on Skype! This is obviously the cutest thing we’ve ever heard so we had to get in touch and learn more:

Names: Jennifer Lucas and Amanda Lucas

Hometowns: We’re from South Bend, Indiana. Amanda lives in Hyde Park, NY about 90 min from NYC.

Birchbox Beauty Discoveries? We both love the essie Luxeffects topcoat that we got in the Teen Vogue box! It adds sparkle to any manicure. 
Amanda - I am in love with the Revolution Organics Beauty Balm. It’s so universal and you can pretty much do all your makeup with just a couple sweeps and have that sun-kissed glow. I was skeptical about putting it on my eyes and lips but it really looks amazing! I want all 3 colors now!
Jennifer - the PETER THOMAS ROTH Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel is amazing. It takes away all the shine in my T-zone. I even told my friend about it and had her try some. 

Beauty Secret to share?
Amanda - I use waterproof mascara on my eyebrows. It works so much better than brow pens and stays on better! I usually will use an older mascara I’ve had around that’s a little dried out so it doesn’t go on your brows very heavy.
Jennifer - Once a month I warm honey and olive oil up in the microwave and place it in my hair. I let it sit for about 15 minutes before I wash it out. It restores my hair’s shine and softness without making it look greasy.

Huge thanks to the Lucas sisters for sharing their story with us! Do you have a Birchbox story? Email us!

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