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What Beauty Essential Could You NEVER Go Without?

Jessica Biel, sans makeup. We’re going to give this barefaced look a try sometime soon. Really! (Photo:

It’s a well-established fact that Birchbox staffers are beauty addicts. There’s only so long you can work in an office with endless samples of nail polish, mascara, and lipsticks before every new color and item is something you swear you can’t live without. But we’re cutting through all the fat and finding out what the absolute essentials really are. We asked three staffers to tell us the items that they truly can’t leave the house without, and here are the must-have beauty products that they listed:

I almost left my Jouer LMT in a hotel room over the weekend and nearly had a panic attack. I can’t be separated from it—that formula is magical and gives my skin a dewy glow without looking the least bit shiny. 

Rachel S.
I am a lip balm junkie and am known to have actual anxiety when I find myself without it! I love Jouer’s Lip Enhancer because it goes on smooth and isn’t like waxy lip balms. It’s great under gloss or even over lipstick to add shine. 

I never leave the house without my miracle skin transformer concealer. When I’m dealing with a breakout, or just some acne scars left over from the last breakout (ugh), this skin perfecter gives me a boost of confidence. But, I have a goal of being able to go without concealer by the fall. I’m getting there with monthly facials at Dermalogica and my Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

What product could you never go without? Tell us in the comments!


I never leave the house without my using this delicious smelling body cream.

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