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"Gossip Girl’s" Lead Hair Stylist On How To Get Serena Waves

Actress Alice Callahan, who plays Jessica on “Gossip Girl”

This morning, when I was on set with the amazing “Gossip Girl” grooming team, I was delighted to steal the show’s lead hair stylist, Jennifer Johnson, away for a few minutes to get her best tips. After all, this is the woman is responsible for my ultimate hair crush: Serena van der Woodsen (a.k.a. Blake Lively). I’ve had a thing for Lively’s effortlessly tousled style for ages, and I finally learned how to recreate the look. Stay tuned for the video and article featuring Johnson’s best tricks, but in the meantime, here’s how she recommends getting the perfect wave. 

  • Start by prepping dry hair with a little bit of hairspray. “You’ll want a spray that lets hair have movement,” says Johnson. “It should be easy to brush through once it’s applied to hair.”
  • Next, use a curling iron. “The longer your hair, the larger the barrel needs to be,” she says. “For long hair, I generally use one that’s 1.5 inches.”
  • Forget the clamp. “Wrap the hair around the outside of the curling iron,” says Johnson. “Curl in both directions and don’t worry about them looking perfect.”
  • Lastly, pull fingers or a brush through the hair to keep sections from looking piece-y.


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