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How To Create The Downtown Wave: Guest Blogger

If you’re like us, you really enjoy trying new hairstyles. Whenever we need inspiration, we visit Stephanie Brinkerhoff’s creative and brilliant Utah-based blog, Hair and Makeup By Steph. Brinkerhoff is a hair genius and this week, she’s sharing all her best styling tips, from how to look like you were born with curls to creating perfect waves with your flat iron.

This street style inspired look is a favorite among the fashion set and one of the hottest new trends for spring. It’s perfect for grabbing coffee in the city.

1. Start by spraying spray wax through the ends of your hair to add texture. I am using Short Sexy Hair Play Dirty.

2. Take a small section off of your part and wrap it around a curling iron towards your face. For this type of curl, you can use any size curling iron.

3. Without letting go of the piece you just curled, unwrap it from the curling iron and re-wrap it around the barrel again, this time wrapping the opposite way, away from your face.

4. Hold it until the hair just barely gets hot on the outside.

5. The result is a not quite curly, messy wave.

6. Proceed to curl all of your hair this way, taking bigger sections on bottom and smaller sections on top.

7. Once it’s curled, use your fingers to fluff it up and soften the wave.

Lastly, add a hair accessory and you’re all set! 

Brinkerhoff is a total wave master. See how she masters faux curls here

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