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How To Rock Lavender Eye Shadow: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger, the lovely Alissa Kelly, offers up fun fashion and beauty advice on her blog, Feeling Good. (Our favorite feature? Kelly’s fun nail posts!) We love her optimistic attitude and useful tips. Today, she’s showing us how to effortlessly pull off bold shadow. 

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This year, I made a promise to myself: I would use more color in my makeup routine. I’ve been stuck in the neutral eye shadow phase for a long time because bold eye shadow can be intimidating.

Maybe you’re thinking the same thing. Don’t worry—I’m here to help you (and me). The first thing to remember is to have fun with it! Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. But also keep in mind: You’re not performing on stage, so makeup doesn’t need to be super bold.

Additional points to remember before you start:

- It’s always best to choose a shadow palette with more than one color. That way, you have more to work with and can adjust the hue to be lighter/darker.
- Lavender shadow works on any skin tone and hair color, you just have to find the right shade. Brunettes and red heads: choose a darker plum version. Blondes: choose an icy hue.
- For trial runs, make sure you don’t have to be anywhere. I almost always have to play around with colors and looks several times in advance, otherwise things might not look the way you want. Before you know it, you’re anxious, frustrated and now the pressure is on to do it right so you’re not late. Don’t put yourself in that situation!

How to rock it:

1. Apply the shadow on your lid from lashes to crease (you can use slightly darker lavender in the corner for more depth).
2. Sweep color along lower lash line (and inner corner if you want).
3. Apply eye liner to upper and lower lash lines (you can use black, charcoal gray, or plum).
4. Add a thick coat (or two) of black mascara to finish off.

And that’s all it takes to try a new look that works on everyone!

Looking for more great tips from Alissa? Check out the rest of her posts here.

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