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Dollars & Sense: Why We Can’t Get Enough of This Fresh Scent

Our pick of the week: Here at Birchbox, we take the concept of season-appropriate products seriously. Just as we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing boots when the rest of the city is sporting sandals, now that it’s spring we’re swapping out our heavy perfumes for Atelier’s light green scent Trèfle Pur. This clean blend of bitter orange, delicate clover, and freshly cut grass makes us feel like we’re frolicking in an open field, even when we’re desk-bound.

This isn’t your typical eau de parfum. One of Atelier’s signature Cologne Absolues, Trèfle Pur is a boutique scent designed to reveal its composition over time and outlast other fragrances (we put it to the test this morning, and we’re happy to report it’s still lingering well past lunchtime).  Learn more about our current spring fragrance obsession after the jump!

How long it will last: Even if you wear it day in and day out, the generously sized 200 ml bottle will easily last you nine months to a year. And since this cologne is concentrated at 18 percent (much higher than your typical scents), you only need a spritz on each wrist. Tip: store your scent in the fridge to help it stay fresh longer.

Buy this, not that:  At $170 for the full-size bottle (there’s also a travel-size bottle for $65), Atelier’s Trèfle Pur costs ten dollars less than these J. Crew suede and cork wedges. While we’re self-reported shoe fetishists, the truth is that we tend to have a brief fling with each new pair we buy (which is why our closet floors look like shoe graveyards). Fragrance, on the other hand, is less tied to fashion trends, and you can easily transition this green scent from one season to the next. 


Learn more about the fragrance design duo behind Atelier Cologne.

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