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Dylan’s Candy Bar-Inspired Manicures: Guest Blogger

Nail art is a Birchbox obsession. One of the first places we look for inspiration is Glitter, She Wrote, Anna Norman’s cheery, imaginative blog, where she shares her gorgeous designs and muses about life in the Big Apple. This week, Anna takes us inside her nail guru world, and will show us how to get gorgeous, DIY art on our fingertips.

Always looking to satisfy my sweet tooth, I recently paid a visit to New York City’s sugary paradise, Dylan’s Candy Bar. I love finding nail art inspiration in unconventional places, and I couldn’t wait to recreate these classic sweet treats on my nails. You can have your candy and wear it, too!


For this jawbreaker-inspired look, prepare to get a little messy. Begin by applying a solid white polish. Dip a small makeup brush or old toothbrush in colored polish, and then quickly dip the polish-covered brush in nail polish remover to thin it out a bit. Now it’s time to channel your inner preschooler. Splatter polish from the brush across your nails, changing colors as desired. Use nail polish remover to clean up the polish that splattered outside the lines, and finish with a good top coat!


I love creating geometric nail art, so I was pretty jazzed to see this bin of old-fashioned licorice. Begin by painting your thumbnail with white polish. After letting it dry completely, use Scotch Tape to create straight boundaries for the black and yellow stripes. If you have a steady hand, you could certainly go freehand here. For the ring finger design, start with a light pink polish. Apply a circular reinforcement sticker from the office supply section of the drugstore. Fill in the circle with black polish, and then remove the sticker to reveal the design. Paint the remaining nails with solid black polish, and get ready to turn heads with this fun look!


I can’t get enough of this springtime marshmallow-y goodness. For a Peeps-inspired mani, begin by applying a bright yellow polish. Dip a pointy Q-tip in dark brown polish and make small dots across the tip of each nail. It’s a fun and simple look for the season!


Circular reinforcement stickers are key for this gumball-inspired design. After painting nails with a solid white polish or another light color of your choice, apply a circular reinforcement sticker to each nail. Fill in the circles with bright, saturated colors, and carefully remove the stickers after the polish is dry to reveal this modern, Pop Art design.

Anna is such a nail art pro. Check out her fully-stocked tool kit here

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