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How To Get Pink Roots Video: Guest Blogger

This week’s guest blogger is a lady after our own hearts. Claire Thomas is the genius behind Kitchy Kitchen, a gorgeous, drool-inducing food blog, as well as the host of Food for Thought with Claire Thomas, part of Litton’s Weekend Adventure on ABC. Did we mention she’s also a commercial director? Yeah, we’d hate her if she weren’t so freaking cool.

My sister, Amanda, and I could not be more different. She’s an astonishing jewelry designer, who’s had her line, LuvAJ, since she was 15. My fashion sense comes from being inspired by Amanda’s bold choices and risks, and pillaging her closet to mix and match her pieces with my more classic items. She’s loud, silly, loves telling a tall tale, and is always the center of attention. When we throw parties together, she’s in charge of the iPod playlist while I’m in charge of the hors de’ouvres. If I’m debating whether or not to buy a pair of shoots, I take a quick snap on my phone to get her advice immediately.

We mirror each other in the sense that she loves food, but lives for fashion—while I love fashion, but live for food. We fuel each other’s creativity and are always there to tell the other if her idea is brilliant, or totally lame. One of the perks of knowing how to use a camera, and having Amanda as a sister, is that I get to shoot her lookbooks every season.

This past round, we were inspired by retro-teenage imagery and modern skate punks, so a lookbook filled with letterman jackets and hot pink roots set the tone.

The pink roots were a hit with fashion bloggers everywhere, so we thought it would be fun to make a little how-to video with the lookbook’s hair and makeup stylist, our cousin Erica Davidson. (Fun fact: Erica shared with Birchbox three amazing braid styles earlier this week!) 

HOW TO: PINK ROOTS from Claire Thomas on Vimeo.

Pink roots are the perfect low risk trend to try. And how perfect does it look with a cobalt cat eye? Put it in, rock it for a night, then wash it out!

Claire’s been giving us her great insight on food and photography all week. Click here to see her other posts.

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