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Guest Blogger: Kitchy Kitchen on Food Blogging and Must-Try Recipes

This week’s guest blogger is a lady after our own hearts. Claire Thomas is the genius behind Kitchy Kitchen, a gorgeous, drool-inducing food blog, as well as the host of Food for Thought with Claire Thomas, part of Litton’s Weekend Adventure on ABC. Did we mention she’s also a commercial director? Yeah, we’d hate her if she weren’t so freaking cool. To kick things off, we asked the LA native some hard-hitting questions.

Images: Courtesy of Claire Thomas

Why did you decide to start The Kitchy Kitchen?

I grew up in a food family where my mom was an amazing cook, so I never felt the need to step into the kitchen. Right out of college I got a not-so-great job that wasn’t very creative, and my parents saw me struggling. By this time I had started baking my feelings, so the remedy for my creative muddle was obvious: Food blog! I spent three months learning how to shoot food professionally and developed my own recipes. Soon I was able to quit my job and started working as a food stylist. The rest is history, I guess.

What’s been your favorite part of food blogging?

Starting my blog has really allowed me to explore all of the things I’m passionate about: photography, writing, graphic design, film, connecting with people, and of course food! I love that even when I’m slammed with the show or directing a commercial, it’s always there to keep me grounded and keep me creative. If I go a week without posting something new I start to feel really guilty, so it’s a constant reminder for me to create and get in the kitchen.

What’s the most delicious recipe you’ve created recently?

Oooh. Tough one. I’m going to have to split the choice: one reasonable, one totally indulgent. The first is a combination of sweet roasted vegetables with bright feta and parsley in a lemon garlic vinaigrette. If a salad could ever be comforting, this one would beat the others, hands down. It’s great cold or still warm from the oven. The other, Chocolate Brown Butter Bread Pudding, is such a slam dunk it’s kind of not fair to include it. It’s basically my three favorite things: chocolate, carbs, and brown butter. Total awesomeness. The brown butter and brown sugar in this recipe bring out the depth of the chocolate and highlight the maple/coffee notes that sometimes come through. Served with a dollop of whipped sour cream, this dessert is decadent, but perfectly balanced, and even better the day after. Now I’m hungry! 

Check back tomorrow from more from Claire and in the meantime, catch up on all our guest blogger posts!

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