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Birchbloggers Beauty Tips and Tricks!

Bad hair days are inevitable. So are zits that pop up out of nowhere. That’s why a girl needs an arsenal of hairstyles and skincare products to fight beauty disasters. Last week we asked our Birchbloggers to share their beauty tips and tricks for curing everything from bedhead to breakouts. Here’s what three of our Birchbloggers had to share: 

A Quick and Simple Updo from
We love this beautiful undo! Perfect for a special occasion OR those mornings when your hair is just looking lack luster.

Quick and Easy Beauty Tips: Coconut Oil from
Sometimes the best products come from unexpected places. Melissa Diane has a trick for giving your skin a little extra TLC with a product straight from the grocery store.

Covering a Bummer Blemish from
You can never have too many tricks and tools in your arsenal for treating and covering blemishes! We love LaceAndLaquer’s product and application recommendations!

- Rachel

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