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What We’re Loving: Teas That Improve Your Skin

We’re serious tea enthusiasts here at Birchbox: we can tell you the difference between Earl Grey and Darjeeling, and we’d never be caught dead without our oversized mugs in tow. So you know we’re not kidding around when we say that Tea Forté’s skin-smart Teas are the coolest teas we’ve ever come across. Thanks to their sky-high levels of antioxidants, these organic, fair trade blends let us combine two of our favorite pastimes: drinking caffeinated beverages and beautifying our skin.  

Each of the three fruity flavors is designed with a specific skincare concern in mind. Honey Yuzu is a citrusy green tea that spurs cell renewal. Cherry Marzipan is both nutty and fruity, and is designed to soften the look of fine lines. Then there’s our office-wide favorite: Cucumber Mint, which is ever-so-subtily laced with the sweetness of blueberries and boosts your skin’s collagen production. As our taste tests confirm, all the flavors are equally delicious hot or iced. We love these skin-smart teas so much, in fact, that we’re thinking about clearing our pantry shelves to give them undisputed reign. We just hope old Earl Grey won’t get too jealous.    


Learn more about Tea Forté’s skin-fortifying teas.

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